Sunday, January 4, 2009

Susie Castillo And Michael Flately Will Host "Superstars of Dance"

Susie Castillo And Michael Flately Will Host

Dance fans everywhere are eagerly waiting for NBC's new dance show "Superstars of Dance." The original international dance competition series will pit the masters of various dance genres against each other."Superstars of Dance," which will premiere Sunday, January 4, will be hosted by "The Lord of the Dance's" Michael Flatley and co-hosted by Susie Castillo from "House of Payne." The eight countries and continents currently scheduled to participate include: Ireland, India, USA, Argentina, China, Russia, South Africa and Australia.

Celebrity News Service had a chance to catch up with Castillo and talk about the exciting new show, which is executive produced by the masterminds behind "American Idol" and "So You Think You Can Dance," Nigel Lythgoe and Simon Fuller."The most exciting thing about "Superstars Of Dance" is how grand these performances are," Castillo said. "All the dancers are professionals and most have taken time off from touring the world to compete on the show. The Shaolin Monks from China, for example, are on their 'Wheel of Life' tour, and our Irish team is on tour with 'Lord of the Dance.' It's pretty spectacular."

The countries will participate in the competition with each team comprised of two soloists, one duo and one larger group. Viewers will get to know the competitors and the coaches through the trials and tribulations, both behind the scenes and on the stage."What will surprise the viewers most about the show will be how much they'll learn about cultures from around the world," Castillo told CNS. "'Superstars of Dance' will not only be tremendously entertaining but also educational."

Castillo, an actress and host, recently filmed nine episodes on the current season of "House of Payne" on TBS. "I've been acting these days, but when I met Nigel Lythgoe and learned about 'Superstars Of Dance,' I knew I couldn't pass this up," she said. "I had an incredible time co-hosting and working with the great Nigel and the very talented Michael Flatley, who is the host. It was so much fun to work on 'Superstars of Dance,' and I hope to be blessed to come back and host more seasons of it."


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