Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kate Winslet Hot & Seductive Shoot for Marie Claire Magazine

Kate Winslet Hot & Seductive Shoot for Marie Claire Magazine
She's the holder of this year's Oscar for Best Actress and an acknowledged beauty.But inside Kate Winslet says she still feels like the fat schoolgirl who was nicknamed Blubber and locked in the art cupboard.‘I was bullied for being chubby. Where are they now!’ she tells this month's Marie Claire.‘I had, “No one will ever fancy me!"... well into my teens. Even now I do not consider myself to be some kind of great, sexy beauty. Absolutely not.'

But mother-of-two Kate says she has come to terms with her body as she has grown older: 'I don’t mind the way I’m ageing.... I think I look my age, and that’s fine.'I don’t think I look younger than 33 and I don’t think I look particularly older than 33. I think I’m sort of holding it together.’Kate, who reclines on a bed in a figure-hugging black dress, also admits that she sometimes has a little help getting camera-ready.'I do think it’s important for young women to know that magazine covers are retouched. People don’t really look like that.

'In films I might look glamorous, but I’ve been in hair and make-up for two hours; someone’s been lighting a scene for three hours.'With the nudity in The Reader, for example, even I was like, “Damn, I look good.” And that was the lighting – it was a bit of body make-up. I don’t believe in pretending those things don’t go on.’Kate is married to director Sam Mendes, and lives with their son Joe, five, and Winslet’s daughter Mia, eight, in homes in New York and Windsor.But the Reading-born star says they have been considering moving their families back to Britain on a more permanent basis - in order to be nearer their families.


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