Thursday, May 14, 2009

Grey’s Anatomy Season 5 Finale:T.R. Knight Getting a Makeover

Grey’s Anatomy Season 5 Finale

On the highly anticipated Grey’s Anatomy Season 5 Finale episode, Izzie does decide to get the surgery, and it's apparently a success -- but she emerges from the operation with little to no memory at all.When the fog lifts and her memory briefly comes back, however, her new husband Alex (Justin Chambers) is there, and the couple share a contented hug. Then, Izzie loses consciousness and Alex demands that the doctors resuscitate her -- which they attempt to do.

In another shocker, George decides to enlist in the army to treat soldiers in Iraq. His fellow docs plan an intervention to talk him out of it. Later, as the docs work to save the life of an unidentified man who was hit by a bus after pushing a woman out of its path, they learn that the critically injured man is, in fact, George.Ultimately, in a dreamy sequence at the end, Izzie (wearing a prom dress) takes an elevator ride and when the doors open, she is face to face with George in an army uniform. Tune into to the next season of "Grey's" to learn Izzie and George's fates!

Whether on screen or off camera, it's always seemed stormy at ABC's "Grey’s Anatomy." But amid the many swirling tempests around one of prime-time's most popular soap operas, James Pickens Jr., the deep-voiced actor who plays the authoritative Dr. Richard Webber, has consistently been a center of calm.

But earlier this year the 54-year-old Cleveland-born actor suddenly found himself a lightning rod for the show, which airs its season finale tonight. During a red carpet interview, he sparked a round of shock, denials and corrections when he said that cast members T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigl would be leaving the show by season's end.


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