Monday, May 18, 2009

Jenna Morasca Is Girlfriend of Ethan Zohn

hot Jenna Morasca Is Girlfriend of Ethan Zohn

Survivors Ethan Zohn and girlfriend Jenna Morasca both lost parents to cancer. Now Ethan Zohn is fighting stage two Hodgkin’s disease he reveals.Zohn is 35. He reveals to People: “This is the ultimate game of Survivor and there’s really only one outcome, and that’s to win. There’s no other option.”Ethan Zohn learned he had Hodgkin’s on April 30. Zohn has CD20-positive Hodgkin’s lymphoma and is now undergoing chemotherapy starting last weekend. “I’m not getting voted out of this one.”

Jenna Morasca is a reality TV contestant who was the million-dollar grand prize winner of Survivor: The Amazon and is currently working for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.On March 7, 2009, it was reported that Jenna signed with TNA.On the March 12 edition of TNA Impact!, Jenna made her debut in a backstage segment interview with Mick Foley. She then appeared in backstage segments developing a (kayfabe) relationship with Kevin Nash. On the April 23 edition of Impact!, she became the valet of Nash and was involved in verbal altercations with Sharmell.


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