Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jennifer Aniston Shows Off Her Legs In A Sexy Black Dress

hot Jennifer Aniston Shows Off Her Legs In A Sexy Black Dress
Jennifer Aniston Shows Off Her Legs In A Sexy Black Dress

When you think of someone on the run, a sexy blonde in a fitted black dress isn't normally what comes to mind.But in her latest movie, Jennifer Aniston is cast against type as she plays the journalist ex-wife of a bounty hunter, who is forced to go on the run after he is hired to kill her.Filming The Bounty Hunter in Atlantic City, New Jersey yesterday, Jennifer was spotted dashing around in killer heels as she shot an energetic sequence.

The 40-year-old actress was seen running around, answering her mobile and popping into a pawn shop as she filmed scenes in the casino-filled seaside city.At one point, her character Cass remove her heels and runs barefoot as she flees whoever she is running from.After spotting a pedi-cab, Jennifer hails the vehicle and instructs the driver to pedal as fast as he can.

Scots actor Gerard Butler, who Jennifer was recently romantically linked to, plays her ex-husband Milo, but didn't join the actress on location yesterday.Busy Jennifer started filming The Bounty Hunter last week, just days after she finished shooting another new movie The Baster.The actress has spent the past few months on location in her native New York filming The Baster alongside Jason Bateman.

In it, Jennifer plays a woman who uses a turkey baster to become pregnant, and finds out years later that her male best friend replaced her chosen sperm sample with his own.Meanwhile, as well as keeping busy with her career, Jennifer's love life received a boost amid reports she is dating her She's Just Not That Into You co-star Bradley Cooper.


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