Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lily Allen Sports Blonde Look For Dinner Date

hot,sexy Lily Allen Sports Blonde Look For Dinner Date
She dyed her hair platinum blonde and candy pink before reverting back to her brunette locks last year.But Lily Allen settled for a platinum blonde wig last night as she enjoyed dinner at Nobu in Mayfair with her former boyfriend Seb Chew.Perhaps the unlucky-in-love singer was hoping for a change in her romantic fortunes - or else she's been subconsciously influenced by the ubiquitous Lady GaGa.

Onlookers were surprised to see the Smile singer out with DJ Chew, who she dated for two-and-a-half years.The pair have remained friends since their split last August and the 32-year-old has been a shoulder for Lily to cry on in troubled times.Lily, whose last love interest was millionaire art dealer Jay Jopling, recently admitted that she was afraid she’d end up alone.

‘Watching He's just not that into you. Think I may be alone forever. Sad,’ she wrote on her Twitter page.He’s Just Not That Into You centres around a group of unlucky women in love and stars Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore.The singer has previously confessed her attraction to older men saying, ‘The next one is probably going to be 60. I like them old and rich.’She split from Chemical Brothers star Ed Simons last year after suffering a miscarriage.


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