Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Neda Agha Sultan Video

Neda Agha Sultan, Iranian woman is dead
It’s a video about Neda Agha Sultan, an Iranian woman who died after she was shot in the streets of Tehran by state militia. She was protesting just like many others for democracy and justice. Someone captured the scene and you can see the Neda Agha Sultan video below.In future this video may prove to be a turning point, and an important part of Iran’s history.

Neda Agha Sultan (her name is variously given as Neda Soltani, Neda Sultan, Neda Agha Soltan, Neda Agha Sultan, the differences coming from a combination of the different languages of Farsi and English and the fact that they don't use the same alphabet) was the young woman shot dead during the demonstrations over the Iranian electoral fraud of last week.

There was a video taken of her death: showing the ubiquity of camera phones around the world. And, of course, the Neda Agha Sultan video was immediately loaded into Facebook, YouTube and all of the other social media. It's a textbook example of how the world has changed technologically since Tiananmen, since the Berlin Wall fell.


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