Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chris Brown Avoids Jail After Pleading Guilty to Assault on Rihanna

hot Rihanna at the LA Superior Court
R&B singer Chris Brown pleaded guilty to assaulting his Rihanna yesterday and ordered to keep his distance from his ex-girlfriend.The 20-year-old entered his plea at a preliminary hearing, which meant that the Barbadian Umbrella singer, who wore a black dress and dark sunglasses to court, did not have to take the stand.

He will be formally sentenced later to six months' probation and 180 days of community service in his home state of Virginia as punishment, his lawyer said.Brown must also stay ten yards away from Rihanna, 21, at showbiz events and parties, and 50 yards from her at all other times.Rihanna arrived in court expecting to give evidence about the night she was attacked, bitten and choked by Brown in a car after a Grammys party in LA.

Yesterday's hearing in the city's Superior Court had been billed for weeks as a public face-off between the pair.Brown looked upset as he entered the room with his lawyer Mark Geragos. He took a chair and rested his head on his clenched hands.Geragos said the plea represented the singer taking responsibility for his actions on February 8.

After Brown left the courtroom, Rihanna entered and was addressed by Judge Patricia Schnegg, who explained to the singer that she had issued a stay-away order.Rihanna had not been seeking such an order.The order requires that Brown and Rihanna stay at least 50 yards from each other, except at showbiz parties and events when the distance is reduced to 10 yards..


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