Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Perez Hilton Assaulted Video

Perez Hilton Assaulted Video
This story seems to have everything for our modern age, this Perez Hilton assaulted video story.First we have the necessary second rate celebrity, one who has become famous for, well, actually, for posting photos of real celebrities to the internet, Mr. Perez Hilton himself.

Then we have the background required, the late night (or early morning) in and around a nightclub. We need a musician or two, which we have in the figures of Will.I.Am. from Black Eyed Peas. What else....ah, yes, we require a little violence don't we?Top off with some delightful arrogance combined with ineptitude and stir in a decent portion of modern socal media and thus we have our story.

To start, have a look at the video of the actual "assault on Perex Hilton over at TMZ. It would seem that Perez was rather egging on Will.I.Am. Swearing at someone, making heteronormative insults, has been known to provoke a punch or two.Then we have Perez telling us all how he has indeed been assaulted....although not very much judging by the lack of bruising.


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