Monday, June 22, 2009

Weeds Season 5 Episode 3 Preview

Weeds Season 5 Episode 3
The episode begins with a staring contest between Nancy and Cesar as she eats (what I can only imagine to be a pregnancy craving) a hardboiled egg with mustard and salt. The barking doorbell rings and Cesar's replacement, stinky Sucio, comes in to relieve Cesar from his post as Nancy's guardian. Later, Andy comes home from Jill Price-Gray's house to be greeted by Sucio's gun to his head. In typical Botwin fashion, Andy makes jokes about how Sucio is a Phil Collins song (Su-Su-Sucio).

Nancy makes an emergency trip to the gynecologist after experiencing some bleeding due to stress. The baby is fine but Esteban orders her to relax, threatening that if she doesn't there will be consequences. There's nothing like a powerful Mexican drug lord demanding rest and relaxation that puts a person quite at ease, is there?

Silas returns from his failed trip to find a grow field with a new business plan. Silas plans to go into the business of medical marijuana with Doug, and Nancy agrees to help fund it as long as Silas promises to not to let Doug near the inventory. In exchange for a flat monthly cut of the billing from their medical marijuana dispensary Silas and Doug receive the signature of a law enforcement official on their retail application.

Shane returns with Jill after he threatens to show her husband, Scott, the video he took of her having sex with Andy. Now that the family is back together they settle in for a family dinner, and Sucio seems to be settling into a domestic life as Nancy's guardian as well.

Celia continues to play the role of "helpful" terrorist to her former captor in Mexico, but since Celia has is a controlling, Type A she ends up nitpicking his ransom note and undermining his authority in front of one of his combatants. Her antics land her on a bus at the Texas border; rejected by even a criminal. The episode ends with Nancy forcing Sucio to bath in the outdoor shower only to find him missing with a trail of blood. Nancy gathers the family thinking that Guillermo has sent for Sucio to be murdered and begins to flee for her and her family's safety. Esteban assures her that it could not have been a set up by Guillermo and Nancy requests Cesar to return to his post.


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