Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lily Allen Wardrobe Malfunction at Jazz Festival

Lily Allen Wardrobe Malfunction,nipple slip pics
It seems Lily Allen has still not mastered the art of preserving her modesty.Following her recent wardrobe malfunction at Glastonbury where her cleavage tape went awry, the singer was at it again after she 'inadvertently' flashed her bust mid song.The 24-year-old star was on stage performing at the 43rd Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland when she made the slip.

After lifting her arm in the air in a seemingly graceful pose, crowds were left smiling as the songstress's loosely-fitting dress came away around her chest to reveal a bra-less Allen.It's certainly not the first time The Fear singer has experienced such a mishap.

In fact 'accidental' flashes of her bust and underwear appear to be becoming part of her repertoire.At her recent stint at Glastonbury, Lily shrieked and was nearly disrobed again after her cleavage tape 'fell off'.The singer shrieked at festival-goers: 'My t*t tape has fallen off!'

Lily, who is currently in the throes of a world tour, has also been finding time to do the rounds at the summer festivals.She made her appearance at the the Jazz festival on Tuesday at the Stravinski Hall, one of the venues where the three-week-long event is taking place.And it seems the singer's run of gigs is working wonders for her figure.Over the years her weight has fluctuated, but she now appears to be at her most toned to date.


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