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Madonna's Biceps Photos :Madonna Pictures

Madonna's Biceps Photos :Madonna Pictures
Pop idol Madonna reportedly shocked people as she showed her muscles and thick veins on her arms in a white t-shirt. Madonna has been an inspiration in style for years but something has gone terribly wrong with her muscles.

The new Madonna photos caught her in London, after having dinner with her boyfriend. Everyone who looks at the Madonna pictures cannot take their eyes off her biceps. They are so bulky, and have so many veins showing, that these photos may be the most eye-popping pictures of Madonna in years.

Madonna's biceps look this way because of a massive new exercise program, in which she performs two-hour workouts six days a week. The legendary performer is trying to get in shape for her upcoming "Sticky and Sweet" world tour.One Madonna photo that captures her from the side looks relatively normal, as her biceps do not appear that exaggerated. However, a picture of Madonna's biceps from the front is by far the most attention grabbing photo, and has the most sensational image.

Madonna's looks have been worshipped and debated over ever since she broke out into superstardom. As the singer has gotten older, many jokes have been made about her need to still look young, with constant plastic surgery rumors. But the photos of Madonna's biceps have taken things to a new level.

Meanwhile New media watch dog web site, Gossip Cop, says that the recent picture taken of Madonna's super skinny and toned biceps has been retouched.The Mirror published the photo with the headline, “Madonna’s muscly arms – a walking biology lesson.”

Madonna's rep, however, told Gossip Cop, “Madonna’s arms in the most recent photos have absolutely been altered by Photoshop or some other means. Her arms do not look like that in real life.”A rep for the photographer never returned Gossip Cop's call.

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