Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Madonna's Love Letters And Erotic Messages for Sale

hot & sexy madonna
Love letters and erotic answering machine messages from Madonna to an ex-boyfriend are up for sale in an online auction.Madonna faxed love letters to her then-boyfriend Jim Albright and left dozens messages on his answering machine between 1992 and 1994.In one of the 21 faxes Madonna writes: '[Despite a bad photoshoot's] pathetic camera work, my... [rear] looked good and you should see how good it looks in person.'It would be sooooo nice. Send me a fax.'I'll be in bed waiting for you.'

Some have her Maverick letterhead, while others are sent from luxurious hotels in places including Tokyo, Brisbane, and London.Madonna uses the code name Lola Montez who was an Irish-born performer who became famous as a Spanish dancer.Albright is referred to in the letters as Ceasar, J, James and even Booty Man with Madonna also calling herself Lil Booty.

On the back of one of the faxed letters Albright has handwritten a letter to her, addressing her as 'Hey Dumbo' and signing it 'Yours Truly, Little Black Sambo Esq.'The voice messages are on two micro-cassette tapes which is estimated will sell for up to $40,000.There is also a 'very personal and intimate' video shot of Madonna and her castmates from the 1993 movie Dangerous Games.


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