Friday, August 7, 2009

Chanelle Hayes Admitted to Hospital After Overdosing on Alcohol

Chanelle Hayes in hot bikini with boyfriend Matt Bates

Former Big Brother star Chanelle Hayes was rushed to hospital last night after overdosing on a combination of alcohol and painkillers.The 21-year-old, who considers herself as a Victoria Beckham look alike, was found unconscious on the floor of her Wakefield residence after drinking four bottles of wine and taking a large quantity of paracetamol tablets.

She had broken up with her football player boyfriend Matt Bates just prior to the incident.She is back at home today after spending the night in The Pinderfields Hospital.Chanelle's spokesperson Dave Read said in a statement to Mail Online: 'Chanelle is a very sensitive girl who wears her heart on her sleeve.

'She has been experiencing some personal problems with a relationship and obviously struggled to cope.'Unfortunately it resulted in her being admitted to hospital.'Our priority now is to find Chanelle some professional help.'Chanelle would like to thank the hundreds of people for their messages of support she has received this morning.'


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