Friday, August 7, 2009

Jude Law's Pregnant Girlfriend Samantha Burke Baby Bump Photos Posted Online

hot Samantha Burke, Jude Law's Pregnant Girlfriend Baby Bump Photos Posted Online
hot Samantha Burke, Jude Law's Pregnant Girlfriend Baby Bump Photos Posted Online
The model who is having Jude Law's baby clearly has not given up the day job just yet.Samantha Burke, 24, has appeared in a series of photos posted on the internet displaying her bump and most of her body while dressed in just her underwear.

Despite her parents' attempts to paint her as a normal girl exploited by a big bad Hollywood star, Samantha appears to be doing her best to do the complete opposite.The young model posted pictures of herself before and after the pregnancy was announced, also showing off the winning figure that no doubt attracted Law to embark on the brief liaison.

Just last week Burke, 24, appeared tearful as she issued an official statement confirming actor Jude Law, 36, as the father of her unborn child.But in the newly released photos she appears proud as she flaunts her curves in snaps taken of herself which show her both before and during her pregnancy.

In an interview, Burke's angry parents describe their daughter as 'a very sweet girl who didn't flaunt her looks and guys tended to keep their distance'.But it has now emerged that Miss Burke was employed by the American chain bar, Hooters, where patrons are served by big-bosomed beauties dressed in brief, tight-fitting costumes. The company slogan: 'Delightfully tacky... yet unrefined.' Quite.


Anonymous,  October 27, 2009 at 10:46 AM  

OK...this just shows you she is wanting to be in the limelight..taking pictures of herself pregnant and posting them...I think she's old enough to figure out birth control...

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