Monday, August 3, 2009

Demi Moore Twitter Picture:Demi Moore Mohawk HairCut

Demi Moore Twitter Picture:Demi Moore Mohawk HairCut

On Ashton Kutcher Twitter, Demi Moore sports a mohawk Mohican style. Is this her latest hairstyle or just another one of Kutcher’s pranks? Read more about the Demi Moore Twitter picture, see the Demi Moore mohawk and see video here.The Demi Moore Twitter picture shows a Demi Moore mohawk and it is proudly presented on Ashton Kutcher’s public Twitter profile.

Now while in the past Ashton has posted interesting pictures of his wife (remember the behind shot?) on Twitter for all of cyberspace to see, it appears as though he is at it again.

But is this a real Demi Moore haircut? It sure is via Photoshop, of course. We’re highly doubting that Demi would go for the real shaved ‘do younger celebs like Rihanna and Cassie are sporting.Check out the lovebirds’ cute (or nauseating) little conversation via Twitter. Ashton tweets, “Wifey just got a new haircut. What do you guys think? I love it.”

Demi responds, “I have the buzzer ready baby!”Ashton tweets back, “I’m just playing baby, but I think you’d look great with that cut.” What do you think of Ashton’s latest prank on his wife? Are you digging the fake Demi Moore mohawk?


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