Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jaime Pressly Pouring A Bottle Of Water -Not Pee! (Photos &Video)

Jaime Pressly Pouring A Bottle Of Water -Not Pee!
Jaime Pressly Pouring A Bottle Of Water -Not Pee!
Jaime Pressly pouring a bottle of water – not peeing?! Yes, this is the headline making waves across the net! Check out the photos and video and see for yourself!Jaime Pressly tricked us all when she pretended to pee outside the Abbey, on a dare of course!

Onlookers were able to snap pictures and take video, posted below, because the incident took place in the middle of the day!Jamie cleared things up by tweeting:“Yes…that is me doing dare #8 at my bridal shower.. Things are not always what they seem.. Notice my hand in the back,” she wrote. “Its pouring a bottle of water!!! C’mon guys! Do you think i would really pee in the entry way to the Abbey in broad DAYLIGHT!!! Way to spin a story!! Breaking news huh? wow!!!!”

So there ya have it! It was a pretty funny joke that had a ton of people going! If you look closely, you can see that her dress would have been soaked if she were indeed peeing.


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