Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sara Stokes Arrested: Sara Stokes Mugshot

Sara Stokes Arrested: Sara Stokes Mugshot
Sara Stokes hot: Sara Stokes Mugshot
Sara Stokes has been arrested! Well, just who is Sara Stokes you ask? If you are a “Making the Band 2″ fan, you know exactly who Sara Stokes is. Read more about Sara Stokes arrested and see the Sara Stokes mugshot here.Sara Stokes, former singer from P. Diddy’s MTV reality show “Making the Band 2″ has been arrested for stabbing her own husband.

Stokes was arrested for domestic violence on August 2nd that took place in their home in Moreno Valley, California.According to law enforcement sources and, Sara stormed out of the house after arguing with her husband Tony Stokes. She then tripped, fell down and accused her husband of doing it. Now the even more disturbing part of the whole situation is that Sara and Tony’s three children were witnesses to their mother stabbing their father.

Sara’s lawyer, Eric Kayira, says, “Sara and Tony have a very passionate and loving relationship that on August 2, while having an evening of fun, she slipped and fell, hitting her head heavily on the ground and somehow in the process of helping her Tony got injured.”Sounds almost believable. But in this country, Stokes is innocent until proven guilty.

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