Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vanessa Hudgens Latest Nude Pictures Online

Vanessa Hudgens Latest Nude Pictures Online
Vanessa Hudgens Latest Nude Pictures Online

Vanessa Hudgens has another set of nude pictures online now in another leaked photo scandal. Check out the 2009 pictures and video here!One would think that Vanessa Hudgens would heave learned from her previous leaked picture scandal, yet new nude pictures are available online.

Actually, the Disney star has learned, but too little too late. See, these new 2009 pictures were actually taken before the previous naked pictures hit the net two years ago. A sources says,“She learned her lesson. She hasn’t done anything like that since the first ones came out. These new ones are actually old.”

So, that also makes the pictures illegal, as Vanessa was underage at the time. So we definitely won’t be posting them here, but you can see them with a little looking. But be warned, they are NSFW.Anyone find it a bit shady that a new picture scandal hits just before Vanessa’s new movie, Bandslam, comes out? I’m just sayin…

According to reports, Vanessa doesn’t plan on issuing a statement in regards to these new pictures, and will not talk about them at the premiere of her movie either.“She’s not going to answer any questions about them there either. She said what she had to say about taking nude photos.”


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