Monday, September 14, 2009

Kim Kardashian Unveils Killer Bikini Body on Twitter

Kim Kardashian Unveils Killer hot,sexy,Bikini Body on Twitter,nude
Kim Kardashian has revealed the results of her recent weight loss after she posted sexy pictures of herself in a bikini on her Twitter page.The reality star has lost almost half a stone but unlike most celebrities who are coy about their methods, she has been quick to proclaim the seven pound weight loss is a result of using a weight loss product that she endorses.

Kim, 28, revealed a slimmed down figure and the beginnings of a six pack, and said the product helped her shift the weight 'fast'.But although the product has been endorsed by the reality television star, it has not been given the seal of approvement by the USA's Food and Drug Administration which rubber-stamps the safety of such products.

Posting the images on Twitter, the 28-year-old said: 'I lost my last 6lbs fast & toned up! Loving Quick Trim, adding: 'Quick Trim does a body good!'Both her and her sister Khloe promote the product which promotes rapid weight loss.

The diet system makes a wealth of fantastic claims and says it will 'rid the body of excess water weight, belly bloating and intestinal bulk.'And no doubt these pictures of Kim, star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, who become famous for her curves, will help to increase sales among her fans.Sister Khloe claimed the product helped her lose 20 pounds in four weeks. A safe weight loss is a rate of two pounds per week.


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