Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lindsay Lohan Sizzles In Outrageous Jumpsuit

Lindsay Lohan Sizzles In Outrageous Jumpsuit

Lindsay Lohan attracted plenty of attention at LA's main airport yesterday with an outrageous black jumpsuit.Her sister Ali also caused a stir as she arrived in a tiny floral dress.Never averse to a little publicity, the Lohan sisters might have regarded their trip as a big success... if only they'd actually made it to the plane.

Last week, the actress had the unhappy duty of attending a memorial service for her tragic friend, DJ AM, whose body had been found surrounded by drugs.Perhaps in a bid to cheer herself up, Lindsay was heading for New York Fashion Week, and there's no doubt that both she and her sister looked the part.

Looking tired but stylish, Lindsay stepped out of a massive black limo and swept through the airport, drawing stares and photo opportunities with every step.Ali's minuscule flower-patterned offering made a strong impression in the LA sunshine, as much for the amount of flesh it revealed as for its bold colours.LiLo's black romper suit meanwhile - topped off with a very trendy black trilby - also gave her an eye-popping cleavage.The effect of this was enhanced by the fact that the star had forgotten to do up some of her buttons.


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