Monday, September 7, 2009

Lindsay Lohan Sizzles In Sexy White Bikini

Lindsay Lohan Sizzles In Sexy ,hot White Bikini

Lindsay Lohan Sizzles In Sexy White Bikini

New blonde hairdo? Tick. Tiny white bikini? Tick. Provocative poses? Tick, tick, tick, boom!Lindsay Lohan turns up the heat in a tiny white bikini as she relaxes by the pool in a Hollywood hotel.The struggling starlet seems to know exactly how to relaunch her career if these pics are anything to go by.

Looking healthier than she has done in months, Lindsay spent some time lounging poolside at the Sunset Marquis hotel.Normally covering up her naturally pale skin with fake tan, the 24-year-old looked happy to flaunt her freckles in the sunshine.Lindsay's new blonde hair style is for a film role - her natural hair colour is quite a deep red.

But the Mean Girls actress carries off her plantinum locks with ease, looking even more like her idol Marilyn Monroe.Gossip websites claim Lindsay dyed her hair in a bid to land the part played by Marilyn in a remake of Some Like It Hot.While Lindsay has not revealed which role required her to dye her hair, we can't wait to find out if the rumours are true.She looks every inch the 50s blonde bombshell in these pics - surely an atomic career is just around the corner.


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