Monday, September 7, 2009

Michael Cardosi Is Jasmine Fiore’s Ex Husband

It has now been revealed that Jasmine Fiore had an ex-husband named Michael Cardosi, whom she saw days before her murder. Cardosi had been married to the murdered model from 2003-2006. After spending time in prison he was let out on parole August 11th. TMZ reports that Jasmine Fiore met him immediately after he was released, and the former couple then spent some time together.

Oddly enough, he was arrested for a parole violation the same day her badly disfigured body turned up. After his arrest, police searched his home, which turned up multiple love letters he wrote to Fiore during his stint in prison. The letters reportedly indicate that the two were physically involved while he was locked up.

This series of events has led some to speculate that jealousy may have been a motive in her slaying. Could there have been a love triangle between Cardosi, Fiore, and Jenkins?

RadarOnline reports that Cardosi was devastated by the news of Jasmine’s death. His mother told the outlet:“…Jasmine was capable of having multiple relationships…she and my son were too similar in a lot of ways…their relationship was very volatile at times.”Michael Cardosi is not a suspect in the murder of Jasmine Fiore, and remains in prison.


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