Thursday, October 8, 2009

Courteney Cox Strips off In Cougar Town

Courteney Cox Strips off In Cougar Town
Courteney Cox Strips off In Cougar Town
Courteney Cox gives her male fans a reason to tune into her new TV show as she strips off for a sexy bubble bath.The former Friends star peeled off for last night's episode of new comedy series Cougar Town as her character Jules Cobb attempted to seduce her toyboy lover.Looking years younger than her 45 years, Courteney shows off her toned and slim body as she tries to entice twentysomething Josh (Nick Zano) into bed.

Jules kicks off her seduction technique by appearing at the door in a tiny orange negligee before they share a romantic bubble bath together.Wary of dating again after being married so long, Jules finally sleeps with Josh after making him wait 10 dates in the third episode, which was screened in the U.S. on Wednesday.

But she is horrified when he rates her bedroom skills as 6 out of 10, and promptly throws him out on the street.The new series, which started in the U.S. last month, stars Cox as a divorced single mother struggling to find love in a small Florida town.Feeling out of touch, she ends up asking her 17-year-old son Travis (Dan Byrd) for sex tips.

Finding all single men her own age are 'broken, gay or chasing young girls', Jules decides to date younger men, hence the title 'Cougar Town'.In somewhat questionable casting, the stunning, youthful-looking actress is a world away from the ageing, desperate cougar stereotypes.When the pilot episode premiered last month, critics gave it mixed reviews, with many querying of Cox's suitability as a 'cougar'.


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