Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hot January Jones Posed for Men's Magazine GQ

Hot January Jones Posed for Men's Magazine GQ
Stunning actress January Jones of hit US period drama Mad Men has gained a legion of fans for her portrayal of trophy wife and mother of two Betty Draper.The bored housewife with the Hitchcock blonde image has been seen suffering after revelations of husband Don Draper's cheating in the cult show set in the sixties.

But just in case anyone was under the illusion there were any similarities between the 31-year-old former model turned actress and the fictional desperate housewife, a raunchy photoshoot in men's magazine GQ should pretty much put paid to that.January has certainly put Betty's strait-laced image to bed with the revealing shoot in which she poses semi-nude, and in a variety of raunchy poses for the US version of the men's magazine.

Gone are the wasp-waisted day gowns, and in it's place a leather jacket under which she appears to be braless on the magazine cover.In the interview which accompanies the covershoot she reveals that her stellar success since joining the show should leave one particular star red-faced.The less than supportive A-lister - a former boyfriend - told her she would never be a success and that she should give up acting - because she wasn't any good at it.


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