Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pink’s Hart & Huntington Hot Photo Shoot

Pink’s Hart & Huntington Hot Photo Shoot
Pink’s Hart & Huntington Hot Photo Shoot
Pink’s Hart & Huntington Hot Photo Shoot
Pink’s Hart and Huntington sexy photo shoot is all around the net. The singer posed with her husband for his clothing link in a very hot campaign!Pink and her husband Carey Hart were on the rocks for a while, and it seemed like they were going to become another Hollywood statistic. But it looks like the couple s back on track, and their chemistry is hotter than ever.

Pink’s Hart and Huntington pictures have hit the web, and they are super sexy! The singer poses in clothing from her husband’s line, which is a spin off from his tattoo shop and is based on the designs of artists that work at the Hart and Huntington Tattoo Company. The clothing is super fun, with items like super short shorts, and crop tops – perfect summer wear.

Thought I am not a huge fan of Pink personally, there is no denying that she is super talented and has a killer body. No wonder she was fit enough to do that amazing trapeze show at this year’s Video Music Awards. Girlfriend is in shape! I am not a fan of all of her tattoos either, but they are fitting for her personality, and aren’t half bad.Hopefully we will get to see more another Pink Hart and Huntington sexy photo shoot in the near future. You can check out a fully gallery of the pictures here.


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