Monday, March 29, 2010

Pamela Anderson Named "Titivating' by Len Goodman

Pamela Anderson Named
We all got a lesson in Brit-speak on "Dancing With the Stars" tonight when Len Goodman asked Pamela Anderson, "You've been titivating yourself, haven't you?"No, the head judge wasn't being crude. Turns out "titivate" means "to smarten up," according to British-American translation.After the compliment, Anderson received a 22 from the judges for her Marilyn Monroe tribute number.We'll find out if she titivated herself enough to stay in the competition during Tuesday's (March 30) elimination show.

The judge must provide constructive feedback on Pamela Anderson's Foxtrot. Head Judge Len Goodman was even named Pamela Anderson ""titivating' a rare choice of words for the busty blonde.”Len defends his choice of words, saying "Google it", which is exactly what people have Titivating mean “to make smart or spruce “ Pamela titivated her old dress with a new belt.


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