Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sandra Boss:"Who is Clark Rockefeller?"

Who Is Clark Rockefeller? which is based on a true story, stars Eric McCormack and Sherry Stringfield as Clark and Sandra Boss, a married couple who have one child and eventually get divorced. The reason for the divorce is that Sandra (Stringfield) doesn't have a clue as to who Clark really is.

Clark Rockefeller is living a lie and is a con artist of the nth degree. He plays his role(s) completely and dupes smart, educated people who should be able to see through him. Sandra Boss is an educated woman who falls for his stories and for him hook, line and sinker. She honestly believes that he is one of those "Rockefellers" and that because he comes from a wealthy, prestigious family he is entitled to be a little different.

Her gullibility costs her a fortune. He stays at home with t heir child and she earns the living for the family. She even stays in the city during the week and comes home on weekends so that she can earn more money and keep him in the lifestyle to which he is accustomed. While she is doing it, it all seems so logical.

McCormack is fairly solid as the chameleon like Clark. It isn't an amazing acting job but it does serve the purpose of the story. Stringfield out acts him as the gullible but intelligent Sandra. She plays her role with such confidence and involvement you can almost accept Sandra's gullibility.

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