Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ashley Biden Is Sen. Joe Biden’s Daughter

Barack Obama and Joseph Biden
Meet Ashley Biden, the daughter of Senator Joseph Biden, who Barack Obama just announced as his Vice Presidential nominee.The family of Senator Joe Biden is getting a lot of attention today, as Obama announced Sen. Biden as his running mate. Naturally when the press found out about the Senator’s gorgeous daughter, Ashley Biden, people became very curious about her.Ashley Biden was born to Jill Tracy Jacobs Biden and Senator Joseph Biden on June 8, 1981. She has two older half brothers from Sen. Biden’s first marriage to Neilia Hunter. Neilia Hunter, and daughter Naomi “Amy” Christina Biden died tragically in a car accident in 1972.

Ashley Biden is currently a social worker for the Delaware Department of Children, Youth, and Families and is a YMCA board member. But the 27 year old has been in a bit of trouble in the past. In 2002, Ashley was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of obstructing a police officer. The incident took place outside a Chicago bar, where Ashley was with a group of friends. One of the people in the crowd outside the bar threw a bottle at an officer. According to reports, when police tried to make an arrest of the person who was thought to have thrown the bottle, Biden blocked the officer and made threatening statements.


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